Susanna comes from Italy, she is an actress, dancer and pedagogue. After completing her baccalaureate in the arts, in 2006 she graduated from the International Academy of Theatre and Circus, inspired by 

Jacques Lecoq. She relocated to  Paris in 2007, and started working as actress and puppeteer with Isaac Alvarez and Didier Gallot Lavalle, for the company Royal de Luxe. In 2009 she joined the Italian company Teatro Valdoca founded and directed by Cesare Ronconi and Mariangela Gualtieri, where she began her research process on dance theatre and experimental theatre. In the company she had main roles in a number of pruductions involvig amongst others Dario Manfredini and Raffaella Giordano. In 2010, she attended a professional vocational training organised by ERT (Emilia Romagna Teatro) in collaboration with CUBEC (the school for young operatic singers in Modena) and with the Mozart Orchestra of Bologna directed by Claudio Abbado). Here she underwent a further training in singing and contemporary dance. In 2011, she was admitted to the CNSAD (Conservatoire National Supérieur D’Art Dramatique de Paris) where she attended Dominique Valladie’s acting course, Caroline Mercade’s contemporary dance lessons and she improved her puppetteering skills with Eloi Recoing. At the same time she began her teaching activitiy conducting adults theatre workshops “playing in silence” and on the creation and development of characters. Susanna also conducts drama workshops for children and since 2012 she has collaborated with Montessori Schools. 

She has also continued her training by attending workshops with Kristian Lupa, Pascal Rambert and Fabrice Murgia at The International College of Drama of the Venice Biennale.

Since 2013 she collaborates as perfomer with a number of visual artists and she explores social theatre. She's courrently on tour whit the company's  Societas Raffaello Sanzio for the show Japanese Fairytale.

Since 2019 Susanna is the art director for the colmpany WWS Worls Wild Society,